Thursday, May 04, 2006

Calling all angels...

So I had an interesting text exchange with one of my online 'suitors' this morning.

We've had very limited contact by email, this guy and me. I've had a couple emails from him telling me I seem interesting and that he'd like to talk to me, and then giving me his email address and mobile numbers.

Because I've been a busy little internet dater lately, and I've had lots of emails from people who have actually started a conversation rather than just saying they'd like to talk to me, I never got around to responding to him until a week or more later, at which point I gave him my number and told him to feel free to call. (I believe in letting the guys take the lead when it comes to making contact).

This morning my alarm (my cellphone) went off at 7.30 but I snoozed it a couple of times. Next thing I know I'm woken up by the new text message bleep, I reach for my phone and see it's almost 8.30. Fuck! I was going to try and get into work by nine - that's not going to happen. I look at the message and it's him saying he's online now if I want to chat. I reply and tell him I can't right now - I've just realised I've slept in, but thanks for waking me.

He texts back:
No worries have nice
day and talk soon just 1
question how spiritual
are you (angels) x
Hmm... I know why he's asking this - on my profile I listed myself as being 'spiritual' instead of listing a particular religion. I text back telling him that I like to believe in angels, which is true.

This is the reply I get:
When you feel them
rush into your body you
can do nothing but believe x
Riiiiiiiiiiiight... I think about this as I have a quick shower and try to get ready as fast as I can. There's quite a difference between our positions. I said I like to believe in angels, as in, I choose to think they might exist despite not having any experiences that would constitute something resembling convincing evidence that this is the case. He says that angels rush into his body on a regular basis... The sceptic on my shoulder is muttering a quiet "Sounds like bollocks to me!" in my ear.

He also sent me a link to the website of the retreat he works for - I can't wait to get to the office to take a look. I check it out as soon as I get in and find that it's lead by a couple who claim to offer a process that is "one of the most powerful transformational, consciousness-raising programs in the world". There are pages of information containing buzzwords like enlightenment, divine energy, miraculous healings, spiritual detoxification but nothing that gives me any clue as to what they actually do to achieve this.

I have to admit, the talk of enlightenment interests me, while also making me extremely dubious about their claims. Mostly I'm just curious though, so I'm going to get in touch with this guy and find out more about this place, and also what he does.

Don't worry though, I don't think I'll be shelling out two grand any time soon so I can go there and work on becoming enlightened...


At 5 May 2006 at 7:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

dear brunette babe,

i have just had the most wonderful time reading your blog and catching up on your life. However, I am now worried that you may join a cult, get brainwashed and never wish to see me (or more sadly, easter eggs)again. please be careful.

At 5 May 2006 at 10:22 PM, Blogger brunette babe said...

Tee hee! You have my full permission to stage an intervention should I feel compelled to go walk with the angels. You needn't worry though - me, give up easter eggs? As if!


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