Thursday, January 11, 2007

Close call!

Okay, so this is an off-topic post but you can't imagine how grateful I am to be able to be writing this at all. I was installing new virus software on Tuesday (and feeling all virtuous for doing so, since my subscription had run out months ago) when all of a sudden my PC wouldn't boot up - argh! Something happened to the hard drive which made me feel all panicky since I'm an idiot and haven't backed a thing up in the three years I've had this PC.

Anyway, one phone call, two days and one quiet and efficient Asian technician later, here I am - with a new 80GB hard drive and a bill for $370. Sigh. Still, I'm not complaining - he recovered ALL my data (photos and dirty MSN chat histories alike) so it's well worth the money.

Real posts coming soon...


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