Thursday, December 21, 2006

Thank you, Secret Santa!

We had our Christmas party last night. The festivities kicked off at 6pm at the office with handing out of the $10 Secret Santa presents we bought for each other.

I love Secret Santa and our office makes it a lot of fun. We had Gregory, this great outgoing gay guy who used to work for us, come by to play Santa. Actually, he showed up as Santa's Chief Elf in head to toe green (stockings, knickerbockers, pointy slippers - the works!). He handed out presents and as people received them he set some rules: once you'd opened your present he'd ask you "and what did Santa get you this year?", whereupon you'd show & tell and then the rest of the room would chant "Thank you, Secret Santa!". Sounds a bit naff but Christmas spirit and Veuve Cliquot were both flowing freely so everyone really got into it.

My turn came and of course I was dying to see what I'd gotten. Our office manager, the one person who knows all the secret santas since she had to make sure everyone got their presents under the tree on time, had told me that whoever had pulled my name out of the hat had sworn her to secrecy to never reveal their identity to me - so I figured I was getting something controversial.

I'd seen my present under the tree earlier in the day and had given it a good prod and a rattle but had no idea what it was - it was pretty small, just two inches square.

So I'm perched on Gregory's knee, ripping into my little package and I pull out one of these:

I burst out laughing and Chief Elf asks me "So what did Santa give you this year, brunette?".

"Why, Santa gave me a stimulation ring for him and her."

"Thank you, Secret Santa!"


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