Saturday, January 13, 2007

The perfect lover for me

So I was just mucking around online and saw this ad that said:

Who's your perfect lover?
Calculate exactly, down to the name, your pefect lover.
Try it now!

I clicked through and entered my name, my cellphone number and my starsign and in return it texted me the name of my supposed perfect match: Brayton. Hardly inspiring - I've never met anyone with this name. (New Zealanders are fairly traditional when it comes to naming their kids - 'Jack' was the most common boy's name for babies born this year).

If you do happen to know a Brayton though, send him my way wouldja?

Also, I would recommend NOT following such obviously frivolous ads. I've been barraged with texts since then and suspect they immediately signed me up to a $5 a week text horoscope scheme. Silly me...

And just to finish, since I'm obviously in a mucking around mood, I was looking at Google preferences and noticed that I could set the language to 'Elmer Fudd'. So I did and now I can 'seawch' for 'gwoups' in the 'diwectowy'. Too funny!


At 17 January 2007 at 6:49 am, Blogger The Dummy said...

Thanks for the warning! And I didn't know about the Elmer setting. I'm gonna have to try it out.

At 17 January 2007 at 11:29 am, Anonymous brunette babe said...

Yeah I don't think you would have fallen for this somehow, DD. I'm afraid I was the dummy in this scenario!

I was right, they charged me five bucks for the privelege of that useless message. Grr - I never would have done it if I'd known that! Went back to the page because I'd made sure there was *no* mention about charges - and then noticed the scroll down bar. They put all their terms at the very bottom of the page out of sight. Sneaky!


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