Monday, May 15, 2006

More conversations with God

Following on from the, uh, interesting texts I shared with Angel Boy last week (hereafter referred to as Gabriel), we've been IMing a bit lately. I don't see him as a love prospect in the slightest, but I have to admit, I'm still intrigued by all the angel talk and curious to hear more.

I tried to find out just what this $2000, 7 day intensive course on enlightenment involves but he was vague to say the least, said it was 'hard to explain' but that it blew his mind. When I asked him what he got out of it, he said
"an understanding of life, why we are here and what and where we are meant to go and do". Well hey, that's all stuff I want to know so I asked him to share just what that all is - which he of course completely side stepped. No answers forthcoming here!

This weekend just been I was online and he messaged me and sent a webcam stream. Now frankly, I'm new to instant messaging and either I don't get the etiquette or people just suck at it. I've had some of the most boring conversations in all history on IM, and Gabriel is no exception. He'd write these short little sentences which left me little to respond to, and didn't add anything o
n that would prompt me to say something back. So we sat at our keyboards quite a bit not doing very much, yawn!

He asked me my plans for the weekend and I told him about some errandy things I needed to do - buy a winter duvet, get a mother's day present. On reading that, he answered thus:

winter duvet ?? you need a man :)

First of all: well, duh!

Second of all: is Angel Boy actually flirting with me?! This is different to our standard lofty spiritual speak...
Thirdly: not sure if the Stateside people know what a duvet is (it's a comforter)

I wrote back saying a winter duvet's less trouble than a man - after a moment's delay I could see him laughing on his webcam. That's kind of fun, makes the technology seem more human.

Today I got more text messages from him while I was at work. Kind of annoying, I don't have a whole bunch of time to write texts while I'm working. He asked me for my address, says he wa
nts to send me something. I'm not averse to gifts so I gave him my work PO box number. Then another probing question from him:

How open are you to
your mind and spirit?

Good lord man, I have work to do! Plus I don't know how to answer that within 160 characters on a text message... I think I'm open, but at the same time I won't dumbly accept something when you can't tell me what it involves.

He writes back recommending some resources on Funnily enough, I actually know this stuff, I have a deck of 'well being cards' from them, and actually I like the sentiment.

When I tell him this, he gets pretty excited, telling me he likes me more and more, and that I should definitely do the intensive course!

Still dubious.


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