Monday, February 12, 2007

Definitely maybe

As it turns out, Cute Canadian is definitely a ‘maybe, possibly, perhaps’. And really, that’s great as far as I’m concerned – all I’m looking for on a first date is for it to not be an immediate ‘oh good god, no’.

We met up at SPQR, my favourite first date café, and spent a good couple of hours chatting. Here’s what I learnt about him:

  • Cute Canadian is even cuter in person
  • As could be expected, he has a cute Canadian accent to match
  • He’s responsible for teaching his special needs students a full curriculum – including sex education. (Apparently he has big life size dolls as a teaching aid. Kind of like cabbage patch dolls – only with all the bits. The mind boggles…)

He was fun to spend an evening with - incredibly pleasant, full of smiles and easy to talk to. Is that a national trait of Canadians? All the Canadians I’ve come across just seem so goddamn nice all the time...

He mentioned my birthday coming up this week (the day after Valentines) and I liked that – it’s a little thing, but when a guy actually reads your full profile and pays attention, it’s flattering.

At the end of the date we walked out of the café and he asked ‘so can I call you?’. Of course I said yes. Then he said ‘you know… It is Valentines this week… Can I take you out to dinner on Wednesday night?’. Again, of course I said yes - although he took me by surprise. Volunteering for Valentines as a second date? I always thought guys only did the Valentines thing under duress...

But, you know, score! I get a Valentines Day date after all! I’d already accepted that I was going to have an entirely non-romantic day (dentist appointment, yoga class, coffee with a friend) but what the hey - I’ll go with the flow. Perhaps that's the law of least effort already kicking in?


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