Friday, February 09, 2007

Guess who's got a date, eh?

Yes, it seems I have my first date of the year ahead of me this weekend, a coffee date with a cute Canadian.

After the disenchantment of the week before, I decided to refresh my profile online and see if I could improve my Feng Shui or something. Maybe it worked – I’m getting messages again anyway.

Although – ay ay ay! Some of the messages I get… Probably doesn’t help that I’m a night owl so usually online quite late. Last night I got a message from a European guy who’s profile, under ‘looking for’, says: “i'm looking for non-smoker girl. we can start from chat and we will see how it will goes”, and also “i dislike lie and dislike people, especially girls, who at begin of conversation asking me about my salary.”

Might be just me but in my head I imagine him sounding like Borat! Anyway, he asked me in what suburb I live. I ignored that question at 11.37pm last night, but messaged him back today that I tend not to tell strange internet men where I live straight away…

But back to Cute Canadian. Here’s what I know so far:

  • He’s lived here for 10 years
  • He teaches teenagers with special needs
  • He likes country music

Yeah, so that last one isn’t a selling point for me, but the teaching kids with special needs thing? I find that both endearing and a bit daunting. Could he be any nobler? I can’t imagine a higher maintenance group of students so I’m picking he must be incredibly patient.

Anyway, I’m not going to get ahead of myself and plan the wedding just yet. The first date is always so telling – I find it’s either an immediate ‘nuh uh, no, not ever!’, or a ‘maybe, possibly, perhaps, yes’. So we’ll see which it is on Sunday.


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