Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Blame it on Cupid

So maybe the fact that I have a date tomorrow night (gloat) is rubbing off on me, or maybe it's my indefatigable romantic streak, but romance is all around and I'm loving it. (Translation: the surprising event of me actually having a date on Valentine's is protecting me from my typical annual bout of melancholic resentment at other people's happiness.)

Case 1: Chris Carter, the first openly gay member of parliament, got hitched to his lover of 33 years (made possible under New Zealand law by the civil union bill passed a couple of years ago).

I love that after so long together, they can finally acknowledge it with a formal ceremony and legal status (even if it is just a 'civil union' rather than a 'marriage').

Also, I love that I live in a country where a member of parliament can a) be gay and b) get married and just continue on with his business. Of course, some negative comments have been made (see here), but overall people are supportive (even God seems to approve according to the second item in this column).

New Zealand is pretty great like that. We even elected the world's first transsexual mayor, the wonderful Georgina Beyer - in a rural farming area of the South Island, no less - not exactly a demographic you would expect her to succeed in.

Case 2: The story of this guy who proposed to his girlfriend on national television in the States is really heart-warming. I can only wish for someone to love me so much they seek for the most expensive way to express it to the nation and propose. (You know, New Zealand airtime is a lot cheaper than in the US. It could happen...)

At a time when normally I just don't want to have other people's spectacular love (and my endless shortage of it) shoved down my throat, it feels good to be able to take pleasure in the fact that some people are succeeding in the world of love and romance.


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