Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Speed blogging

I'm feeling incredibly busy and time-poor right now (and also low-energy and tired) so tonight is not the night for long rambling posts, even though I am way behind in telling you about Cute Canadian, among other things.

I leave for a four-day weekend in Sydney on Thursday morning so I have just three days at work this week to get a whole lot of stuff done... Also, next weekend I've signed up to do a three-day training in something bold, physical and well out of my comfort zone. I have some prep to do and no time people, no time!

So in lieu of details, details, details, you get a maximum of eight carefully chosen words on CC and Quirky Film Guy.

Cute Canadian: kind, generous, conversation/chemistry lacking, yet still contending...

Quirky Film Guy: entertaining, interesting, inspiring, ├╝ber-smooth, departing on location...

Actually, 8 words each almost brings you right up to speed... I'll fill in some gaps when I'm back from Sydney.



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