Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Long overdue update: Part 1

So, I owe you an update on what’s been happening with Matt, since it’s been by far the most exciting, distracting, frustrating, tantalizing experience of this online thing so far (how’s that for a teaser?).

Last time we spoke of Matt I was giddy from a most unusual experience – having a great second date with a guy I like and fancy at the same time of (unheard of!).

I’m not sure how much to tell you of what happened next, because well, it’s moved fast from standard dating territory into hot’n’steamy land (which for me is absolutely NOT standard dating territory!).

Things began to take a different, more suggestive turn via instant message. After our night of movies Matt made a comment about his ‘Roman hands’ (ie: roamin’ hands) from the night before and how he hoped he hadn’t pushed it too far. I had to ask what ‘Roman hands’ were which led to him telling me about the purity test. Have you ever done one of these? It wasn’t something I’d come across, but it’s a test of 500 questions that you answer and at the end you get a score telling you how ‘pure’ you are out of 100%.

It’s silly but fun, so I ended up taking the test online, continuing to chat with Matt while I was going through it. Came to the end and I shared my score (if you want to know – leave me a comment. I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours…).

All this led to some fairly frank conversation between Matt & me, culminating in him offering to do certain things to me (oh my!). This was all very new to me and honestly, just a touch intoxicating. Turns out seduction by instant message works quite well for me – guess it makes sense since I’m very wordy. Dirty talk out loud, in person? Not my thing at all, I just find it embarrassing and not very sexy. Dirty talk by IM? Hot, hot, HOT! (Am I sharing too much yet? You might want to stop reading here.)

This was all very nice and making me weak at the knees, but at the same time I was conflicted. Torn between the desire to let a relationship build slowly, to really know a person before taking things to a physical level and, well – just flat out desire. (It’s been a looooooooong time, people.) The mind was willing but the flesh was weak, and when Matt asked me if I wanted company that night, I totally buckled and said yes (Yes! Oh my God, yes…).

To be continued…


At 4 August 2006 at 7:57 AM, Blogger Rachel said...

I love sending dirty little text messages to my SO during the day. It makes for a very fun night! :-)


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